MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard Quick Start Guide

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Fold and Go

The Kanex MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard is the perfect fold-and-go solution when you need to do some serious typing on your iPad or iPhone. This ultra-slim, bi-fold keyboard easily fits in your bag. And the keys stay safe inside the included protective case and durable bi-fold construction.

Quick Switching Between Devices

Simply hold down the "Fn" button and toggle through multiple devices by pressing Z, X, C or V. Just pair your devices and start typing. Bluetooth technology means you don't have to take up valuable USB ports with wireless receivers. Setup is easy and no installation or drivers are required.

Seamless Connection

This universal keyboard is compatible with IOS, Android, and Windows devices; and uses Bluetooth 3.0 to wirelessly connect to your device.

The built-in rechargeable Lithium ion battery provides you with hours of typing time. Simply plug in the included micro USB cable for fast and easy charging.


What's Inside:

Customer Service:

Kanex One Year Limited Warranty:

Kanex offers a one (1) year limited warranty from the original date of purchase and will offer a new replacement of a product due to a manufacture's defect.

For more info please visit:

Pairing Your Keyboard:

  1. Please use the included USB cable to fully charge the keyboard battery before your first use.

  2. Open the Kanex Foldable Travel Keyboard to turn on.

  3. Press the "fn" & desired Bluetooth key to assign your devices to that specific key.

Device 1: fn+Z Device 2: fn+X Device 3: fn+C Device 4: fn+V

Complete the Bluetooth Pairing on your desired device.

Switching Between Devices:

The Keyboard can pair up to 4 different Bluetooth devices.

You will be able to switch between your paired devices by pressing (fn+Z, fn+X, fn+C, fn+V).

Note: The time between switching devices will take approximately 2-5 seconds.

Master Reset:

  1. Delete the keyboard from your devices before attempting to reset.
  2. Press and hold the "fn" key and both "Shift" keys for 5 seconds back to master reset.

Pairing devices:

Pairing with Mac

Mac® OS X:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Select Bluetooth.
  2. Ensure Bluetooth is turned ON
  3. Select the "Pair" button next to "Kanex BT Keyboard (1128)"
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions for Keyboard Setup.

Your Mac is now connected.

Pairing with iOS:

Apple iOS (iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod®)

  1. Launch the Settings application.
  2. Select Bluetooth and Turn on Bluetooth.
  3. Choose "Kanex BT Keyboard (1128)."

Your iOS device is now connected.

Function key descriptions

Bottom row from left to right:

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