Tactile Markings for iPhone, and iPad

The dots and what they represent:

Braille markings can be found on frequently used buttons and tabs located on the top and bottom of the screen in most apps. You will find the markings line up with native apps, as well as many found in the App Store. A partial list of some of the commonly found controls are listed below for your convenience:


This page contains a small list of some of the markings for the tactile screen protectors in the stock apple apps for iPhone, and iPad.






We have four layouts available for the iPhone.

Standard, Advanced, Phone keypad, and braille screen input.

Standard and advanced layouts are great for every day use.  as they contain dots to help navigate  iOS, apple stock apps, and many third party apps.

The phone keypad layout is Best for people that don't use a lot of apps or phone functions  and are mostly interested in using the iPhone Mainly as a phone.

The Braille Screen input layout is best for people that do a lot of text with braille screen input in screen away mode.


Standard Layout


The standard layout is great for everyday general use. It contains navigational dots at the top and bottom of the screen and,

marks every key on the keyboard except for the letters F, and J.


Advanced Layout


The advanced layout is great for every day use and contains navigational dots at the top and bottom of the  screen and,  only marks the letters F and J.


The standard and advance layouts also contain :
tabs across  bottom
three word predictions above keyboard
Letters on keyboard.
shift, more symbols backspace, and enter.
all alert dialogs in the center of the screen.


Phone Keypad Layout


The phone Keypad layout contains single dots on all the  numbers.

2 dots on the number 5.
2 dots on call.
add number
favorites, Raecents, contacts, Keypad, voicemail


Braille Screen Input Layout



The braille screen input layout has marks in the upper left, and upper right corners of the screen, and 5  marks across the bottom to help with basic navigation. There ar three dots near each end of the screen evenly spaced so you can line up your fingers for obtaining maximum speed and accuracy while using braille to input text in screen away mode.



mail client


top of screen

  • Back
  • Previous Message
  • next message


bottom of screen

  • delete
  • Move,
  • More Actions,
  • Compose




top  of screen:

  • back,
  • compose
  • add to contacts

Composing messages:
above keyboard:

  • add media
  • send message




Top of screen:

  • format options
  • address bar
  • reload


Bottom of screen:

  • Back
  • Forward
  • Share
  • bookmarks,
  •  Tabs



Top of screen:

  • Back
  • Lis
  • Search
  • Add


Bottom of screen:

  • Today
  • Calendars
  • Inbox





Note: Our iPad tactile screen protector does not support the split keyboard, so in order to enjoy the most effective experience; you will need to leave your iPad in full keyboard mode.



Top Left:

  • Back
  •  Forward
  •  Bookmarks
  •  Center:
  •  Safari address bar


Top Right:

  • Search




Top left:

  • Mailbox button
  • Previous Message
  • next message



Top Right:

  • Move
  • Archive
  • Reply
  • Compose
  • Details






Top left:

  • Edit
  • Search
  • Compose




Top Right:

  • Cancel/Add from address book


Above  Keyboard:

  • Send message
  • Add Media
  • three predictions






Top left:

  • Edit
    List/Date tabs


Top right:

  • Add reminder




Top left

  • Previous track
  • Play
  • Next track

Top right:

  • Volume