OtterBox Defender Case & screen protector - iPhone X/ XS/ 11 pro/ xr/ 11/ XS Max/11 Pro Max

OtterBox Defender Case & screen protector - iPhone X/ XS/ 11 pro/ xr/ 11/ XS Max/11 Pro Max

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This is a bundle of the OtterBox Defender  case and a SpeedDots Tactile Screen Protector of your choice which has been cut to properly fit the opening
of the case.


We have four different layouts  available. 
See the  description of each layout below:

Standard Layout

Our standard screen protector has a mark on every letter of the keyboard with the exception of F, and j as well as all of the standard iPhone controls. This layout is good for people new to the iPhone or people who do a lot of typing.


Advanced Layout

Our Advanced screen protector Has markings on the letters F, and J, as well as on all of the standard iPhone controls. If your an advanced iPhone user, or you want a very clean and simple layout, then the advanced model is for you.

Phone Layout

This layout is for those who want to use the iPhone as a phone. within the phone app, we placed marks on the keypad numbers and functions. For speedier dialing, we placed 2 dots on the number 5 and call buttons.          

Braille Screen Input Layout

Tactile screen protector to support Braille screen input on the iPhone. This screen protector has three marks near each end of the phone that allow you to orient yourself to the on screen Braille keyboard. In addition, it contains some of the commonly used marks for extra navigation.

We make screen protectors available in a variety of  types.

Plastic - This is our least expensive option. which offers screen protection and the braille dots.
Tempered glass bundle- The basic plastic screen protector is combined with a high quality Glass screen protector to offer you the braille dots and the best protection for your screen.
OtterBox defender. -  This screen protector is cut  to insure an easy installation, and a perfect fit with the OtterBox defender case.


Protect your phone from drops and scratches  with the rugged  OtterBox Defender.

Give your screen extra protection along with the SpeedDots Tactile markings to speed up navigation and and typing.Simply choose your phone, and  one

Choose your phone, and Screen protector layout  below: