How To Apply a Screen protector

How to Apply a Screen protector to an iPhone, or iPad


Inside the package, you will find a screen protector, as well as a lint-free cleaning cloth, and cleaning wipe.
It is important to make sure the screen has been wiped clean, and free of lint, fingerprints, dust and  oils before applying the screen protector.
Remove your device from its case.
Remove any existing screen protectors from the device.
Use the cleaning wipe to thoroughly clean the screen.
Then, clean the screen of the device with the microfiber cleaning cloth.
Remove the bottom layour of the screen protector.
  The tactile screen protector is the exact size of the glass front of the device, so it is important to be certain that it is centered to the best of your ability.
You can line the screen protector up by useing the edges and corners of the device. You can use the home button and the earpiece as a guide as well.
After making sure the screen protector is centered,
use your fingers to firmly press down on the screen protector. Slide your fingers from side to side and top to bottom, making sure to go between the rows of dots.  This will ensure that your screen protector is stuck well and will help to eliminate the air bubbles that sometimes get stuck under the screen protector when they are applied.