With thousands of units sold, we know we have a great product that you can benefit from. But we figured you shouldn't have to just take our word for it! Here is what our customers have said about using SpeedDots Tactile Screen Protectors.

I was not going to put anything on my iPhone. However, I have difficulty with spatial relationships. I decided to put SpeedDots on the iPhone.

The first thing I noticed was that by using the placement of the dots I could not only type more accurately, but I also began to see spatial relationships much more clearly. Now when I get a new app, I will look at a screen and use whatever dot works to place a finger on that will point me in the direction of what I need. Soon enough I don't need the guide any longer, but with SpeedDots help I have learned the layout of the screen. SpeedDots was made to help with typing and some buttons, but without realizing it, it can describe a screen with investigation. In Hangman I use the top row of dots to point me to the word I am trying to make. With my spatial difficulties, I believe it would not be quite as easy.

- Regina

SpeedDots has created a convenient bridge between classic use and modern productivity. As a working professional I appreciate the ability to easily locate and activate what I need on a touch screen without wasting time on aimless exploration. Tactile markers do not inhibit my experience on iOS. It does not detract from the experience of blending in with other busy smartphone users. On the contrary, it allows me to work on the fly the way mobile technology is supposed to be enjoyed. I am thankful for the innovation that has made a great product even better.

- Joe

I have a SpeedDots protector on my iPhone 3gs. I use the advanced model. Because of it, I can easily type as fast as I can. Using a SpeedDots protector I can quickly find certain areas of the screen which might help speed up the process of exploring the app thanks to the dots.

I play many games on the iPhone and some games require that VoiceOver not be running. In situations like this, I can rely on the SpeedDots protector to help me find certain areas of the screen without VoiceOver running so I can play the game. They are worth it. The price is more than reasonable for the time saved on getting to things on the screen. The customer service is outstanding, and the company is honest.

The most interesting story is that I live in Egypt and when I got mine they were for iPhone 4 not 3GS. The company sent them by default. I contacted the support team, they sent me in the next day another 3 pieces for iPhone 3GS, they sent them free of charge. What a great company - really! I also bought the charger, the rii mini bluetooth keyboard, and all things are really in a perfect condition.

- Ramy

With my SpeedDots tactile screen protector, I can be out and not have to carry my bluetooth keyboard with me. I can find letters and needed application buttons I wouldn't be able to find without the tactile screen protector. I'm so excited to know one is coming out for the iPad Mini, and pleased this company is in business. I thank the company's owners for offering these protectors at a reasonable price.

- Tina

At first, I was hesitant to use the SpeedDots screen protectors because VoiceOver already tells you what your finger is over on the screen. After using them for about a month, I realized the dots help make great landmarks in applications. I now actively explore the layout of applications more instead of just swiping around to find things. Of course, texting in loud places is also much easier with the dots. I don't think I could go back to using blank screen protectors anymore.

- Maria S.

I have a SpeedDots screen protector on my iPhone 4s and absolutely love the enhanced functionality I get. I have the version with all of the letters except the f and j. There is more than meets the eye with this very clever and useful aid. Besides offering protection for my phone's screen, it provides tactile markings for the virtual keyboard and also for key positions on the screen where important tool bars and buttons are typically placed when using IOS applications. The other benefit not immediately evident is that many times the marks on various letter keys can also serve as landmarks when using apps that have a very specific area on the screen that needs to be tapped to activate certain actions specific to that application. For example, the letter n might line right up with the refresh button in an email application. Once you are familiar with an app, you quickly learn which landmarks are really useful.

It's a terrific product made and supported by a fantastic group of people that really care about their customers. I plan to get one of the SpeedDots protectors for my iPad Mini as soon as they are on the market. Both the product and company are highly recommended.

- Rick

The SpeedDots screen protector helped me learn how to use my iPhone quicker I believe. I unfortunately lost the protector and haven't got around to getting another one, but I will. I also believe the screen protector helped me in part get my iPhone 4 back. It was raining very heavily and my guide dog and I were trying to get in to the building where I tutor. I had a backpack on my back and didn't realize anything was amiss until my student commented that she hadn't heard a notification from my iPhone. I looked in my backpack and it was gone. I still don't know until this day weather or not someone stole it from the backpack when it was unattended for a few minutes or if it fell out of the backpack. We searched frantically, but could not find the iPhone anywhere. The iPhone had voice over enabled and the speed dots screen protector which I loved. We were convinced someone had picked up the phone because it was nowhere inside or outside the building. I proceeded to order a new phone. Fast forward to 3 or 4 weeks later. Someone had walked in to my TAFE college and said they thought the phone belonged to a blind person, because of what they thought was braille on the screen and because it talked. They claimed to have picked it up off the grass and dried it out. I suppose this is possible because unfortunately the screen protector was half peeled off. My husband still thinks it's possible they were planning to keep it but decided to hand it back. Whatever the case, I believe the screen protector may have had some influence on their decision. I do plan to get another protector for my phone and iPad mini when one is available.

- Maria C.

First off, let me say that Doug and Amy are awesome! I would add several exclamation marks there, but it might annoy some, including me. Now on to the good stuff. First off, I have a SpeedDots protector on my iPhone 4S and my iPod 3gen. I use the model which has all the letters defined. Because of it, I can easily type as fast, or even faster than my sighted friends. I am an app junky and so try out new apps quite a bit. Some are accessible, some are not. Some are useful, many are not. Using a SpeedDots protector I can quickly find certain areas of the screen which might help speed up the process of exploring the app. In some cases it saves me only a half second, but when you use the phone all day, those 0.5 seconds add up. Because of these protectors I have no need for the small Bluetooth keyboards which are the size of the iPhone. In fact, using one of those I type a lot slower than using the screen itself, thanks to the dots. I play many games on the iPhone and some games require that VoiceOver not be running. In situations like this, I can rely on the SpeedDots protector to help me find certain areas of the screen without VoiceOver running so I can play the game. I train many people on the use of the iPhone, and those who have a protector like this have an easier time finding things because they can relate them to physical locations. For example, the Play/Pause button in the Music app is located right around where the letter V is. In my checkbook app, the amount spent box is located where the number 5 dot is. I could go on and on giving different examples of how these protectors have helped me, but the bottom line is, they are worth it. The price is more than reasonable for the time saved on getting to things on the screen. The customer service is outstanding, and the company is honest.

- Raul

I have had the SpeedDots screen protector for my iPhone 4s for quite a while now. I can type more quickly with it, but the most helpful thing is how it keeps me oriented when layouts change. For example, I use it daily to help me with the phone app and dialing numbers. Without the SpeedDots protector, I don't think I'd be using my phone nearly as well.

- Stacey

SpeedDots Announces a New Product Release: Tactile Screen protectors for iPad

Sacramento, California
June 28, 2012

Building on the momentum and success of its tactile screen protectors for iPhone and iPod Touch, SpeedDots, announces its latest product: tactile screen protectors for iPad.

With over 2,000 sold since the start of business in July of last year, the California based company is excited to introduce this new product.

As with its models for iPhone and iPod, the tactile screen protectors for iPad use single dots to denote the location of letters on the virtual keyboard along with other commonly used controls.

Now, navigating a touch screen with the size and complexity of the iPad can be quicker than ever before!

The Tactile Screen Protector for iPad will work with all models of the device.

The new screen protectors will be available immediately on the company's web site, and available through product resellers in the up-coming weeks.

Visit and get yours today!


SpeedDots Clear Embossed Screen-Protectors Help Blind/Visually Impaired Navigate iOS Devices with Ease

Sacramento, California
July 25, 2011, a California-based company, announces the official release of the SpeedDots Screen Protector, a tactile approach to Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch for those who are blind or have low vision, permitting easy navigation and orientation to some of Apple's most popular touch-screen devices. Using single dots to denote the virtual keyboard, along with a few commonly-found buttons and controls, blind/low vision users can input information more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

"All of our employees are blind, and we all use iPhones," says company founder, Doug Langley, "Apple's Voiceover screen-reader makes all of these devices accessible out of the box. We wanted to find a way to not only make iOS devices even more efficient, but simultaneously strive to bridge the gap for blind people transitioning from other platforms who may be reluctant to embrace a touch-screen environment."

The small, Sacramento-based company has recently begun production of two versions of its clear, tactile screen covers, known as the "Standard" and "Advanced" models. Both contain dots which mark various controls natively found on all of Apple's iOS devices. The Standard model places a single dot on each virtual key with the exception of the letters "F" and "J", while the Advanced model leaves all virtual keys blank save for a single dot placed on the letters "F" and "J", to suit the user's preference.

"I have been using Apple's touch-screen devices successfully for two years without any sort of tactile feedback, and I thought I was fast before," says company spokesperson, Raquel Gomez, "SpeedDots have literally doubled my ability to input text in a matter of weeks."

Speed and accuracy are only a few benefits of these clear, embossed screen protectors. New users familiarizing themselves with iOS devices for the first time will also find the learning curve easier by discovering the exact placement of each static control corresponding with its tactile mark on the screen. This allows for confident, easy manipulation of various buttons and access controls right away, without the need to hunt for them on-screen and wait for verbal confirmation from the built-in screen-reading software. SpeedDots works to enhance the touch-screen experience for everyone, from new users to those who are technically savvy.

Each screen protector costs $7, and can be ordered directly from the company's web site:


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